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Mrs M
07/26/2016 03:34:08 PM
12/11/15 After being failed by an NHS dental practice, I have had extensive dental work with Anna over the last few months, including a root treatment. Anna has many qualities:- she is friendly and puts you at ease immediately, she is caring and listens carefully. She explains treatment in depth, her dental work is precise, skilled and painfree, she sorts out all problems and is meticulous with her work. Anna is an excellent dentist.
07/26/2016 03:33:44 PM
15/9/15 Dear John, I just wanted to thank you for your care in recent weeks. Karen was, as you said, excellent in every respect and my extraction went without a hitch. I particularly appreciated being able to discuss the tooth with her before we proceeded. I also would like to thank you and all your staff who always make coming to the practice a most pleasant experience.
07/26/2016 03:33:15 PM
August 2012 - "Hello I joined your practice some time ago and was a very nervous patient. I would like to praise John Winston and the rest of the staff that have helped me overcome my fear. Today I had a filling and I am afraid i didn't say thank you for it being painless and not stressful - so that is what I am doing now! Kind regards"
K L Prince
07/26/2016 03:32:49 PM
March 2012 - I was given the Dentist’s name from a friend neighbour. I had been in a car accident and made an appointment to see Mr. Winston, with wobbly teeth and trepidation. It was the calming & quietness that I noticed, helping me to relax. It helped so much to be given advice of what was required and the way Mr Winston would deal with the problems. Later of course it was Mr Winston’s expertise & the fact that any discomfort was kept to the minimum. I am now able to attend appointments with no worries.
J Harris
07/26/2016 03:32:22 PM
Summer 2011 - As a child I was told by my dentist then that I would lose all my teeth by the time I was sixty – thankfully and gratefully that is not the case and I can still smile happily knowing that excellent dental practice will continue. Thank you Mr. Savani for all that you have done skilfully causing the last discomfort. I have recommended this practice to quite a few people and would be happy to continue to do so. They are all an excellent team and the service is superb – thank you all.
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