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Cosmetic Work and Teeth Whitening (bleaching)

Have you ever wanted to improve your smile?
If so, we can help you to achieve your wish.

More and more people are considering how their teeth affect their overall look.  With today’s advanced dental materials we can offer a range of treatments that can correct or improve your smile.  

Tooth whitening

An increasing number of patients choose to have their teeth professionally whitened.

Reasons to have whitening varies, from wanting to look your best for important wedding pictures, special events or wanting to smile without embarrassment.

Patients are amazed with the pain free, great results achieved in little time

Whitening is routinely undertaken at Granby House Dental Practice.  Once you have had the initial course of treatment, it is simple and low cost to maintain your smile. 

These pictures speak for themselves.  This is a patient who received whitening treatment her at Granby House.  

Your tooth shade is recorded before and after.  The results can be pretty impressive!   

Many other patients and staff at the practice have had their teeth professionally whitened using a bleaching process and are delighted with the results achieved. Read patients' Testimonials.

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