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Examinations and Regular Care 

Why are examinations necessary?

We recommend that our patients attend for a full oral health examination regularly.

We want to offer you the best possible advice on how to care for and look after your teeth and gums.  This can, in may cases, prevent many routine problems ocurring in the first place and avoid treatment in the future.

You may think that we only look at your teeth at this visit, which of course we do, but in fact we are checking a number of things to help keep your mouth healthy including gums, soft tissues, and jaw joints.

For fresh breath and healthy gums, appointments with hygienists are available. Our hygienists will give you the best personalised advice for maintaining a healthy, confident smile

.Adults are offered a full preventative maintenance plan to encourage regular visits whilst spreading the cost.  To find out more about this plan CLICK HERE  


Because we strongly believe that prevention is at the heart of children’s dentistry we do prefer to see children as early as possible to get them into good habits and to ensure that their regular visits are always as enjoyable as possible. 

We know they are very special and consequently make great efforts to ensure they receive special treatment. With our help your children’s smiles will develop healthily and last a lifetime.