Granby House Dental Practice
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We welcome Families

Our friendly staff welcome families and children to the Practice.

There is a ramp at the doorway for easy access.  We have toys in the waiting room and plenty of room to manoeuvre pushchairs.  There are toilets accessible on the ground floor.

We strongly believe that prevention is at the heart of children’s dentistry and so we prefer to see children as early as possible to get them into good habits and to ensure that their regular visits are always as enjoyable as possible.  Set the routine of having a regular family visit to the dentist, and your child will continue this important habit when they become independent and leave home.

Children 16 and under can be seen under the NHS or privately; adults, and children aged 17 and over, are welcomed as private patients and are invited to join our care plans if they wish to.

Advice on caring for your children's teeth